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Where did the Debutante Go?

While a staple in upper class society at the turn of the century, the debutante is becoming increasingly more rare.  Where did she go?  It is not that the debutante doesn't exist anymore - she can readily be found in most Junior League Societies.  However, the term "Debutante" is oftentimes looked down on as an archaic and elitist practice from a bygone era that has no merit in today's forward thinking world.  And, yet, if that is true, why is today's prom market a million dollar industry, centered solely on a young woman dressing up and feeling like a princess for a night.


As the rigidness of societal social classes began to break down, the tradition of the debutante was adopted by mainstream society in the form of High School Prom.   Indeed there are initially very few differences between images of Debutantes and their High School Prom counterparts.  However, with the passing of time and changing of social norms, hemlines crept up and necklines plunged down, until, presently, there is very little resemblance between the two.  Where the Debutante was meant to honor the virtue and innocence of a young girl entering society, Prom - on the otherhand - oftentimes represents the hypersexualization of young women as they don stilleto heels and revealing dresses for the first time in their lives.


Certainly, Proms have their place in our modern society, and there is much to celebrate about them. However, they are not a substitute for the rich tradition of the debutante.  In moving forward, we do not need to leave behind all that was good.  The Modern Debutante Programme restores the beauty, refinement, and grace of yesteryear's debutante while complimenting it with the strength, power, and determination of today's modern woman.




The Modern Debutante Programme




Restoring the beauty, grace, and refinement of Yesteryear 

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