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1) Who can be a Debutante?

Frequently Asked Questions

The Modern Debutante Programme is open to all girls ages 12-17, but this is a general guideline.  The older and mature a debutante is, the more value the educational seminars will be.  However, as life gets inclreasingly busier the older we get, the Programme content is designed to be appropriate for a broad age range so all those that have the time and desire to participate can do so. 

We live in a fast-paced, busy world; The Modern Debutante Programme understands this, and recognizes a debutante might have scheduling conflicts.  However, as the value of the program truly comes from the Empowerment Classes, we encourage all participants to attend as many as possbile.


2) What if I can't attend all the Empowerment Classes?

3) How much does the program cost?

The Modern Debutante Programme is priced at $899.00 for enrollment.  Registration covers all classes (venues and instructors fees,) a full sit down dinner for etiquette night, a tiara and gloves for each debutante, and 3 tickets to The Modern Debutante Ball (value of $75 each).  

7) Who are the Women in these pictures?

The first is an image I like to refer to as "The Quintessential Debutante" - this is what many think when they hear the term debutante. The other two are based more in reality; the second is my beautiful mother, and the last is myself 30 years later dressed up for my  High School Prom.

The schedule of events for Spring 2018 is currently being finalized and will be posted on the Schedule Page. 

4) What are the dates for the program?

5) Who can be a Chaperone?

Where possible,  fathers -  or close family friends, - are encouraged to chaperone the debutantes.  This does not mean the debutante cannot have a date as well, if she so desires.  But, as the ball is gong to  be a special memory for the debutante, it is best shared with someone who will have a lifelong place in her life. 

6) What is the required Attire for the Ball?

Debutantes will need a white "tasteful" dress for the Grande Debutante Ball.  It should be tea length.  White gloves and tiaras are included in the admission fee and will be provided.  Chaperone's will need to be in a black suit/tux.

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